The Carmine Appice Speaking Experience - The History of Rock
With 50 years in the music business, legendary drummer Carmine Appice has lots to share from his life’s work. A performer, educator, songwriter, and music producer, Carmine shares his experiences from working with the Vanilla Fudge, Rod Stewart, Ozzy Osbourne, Ted Nugent, and Beck Bogert Appice.

He is a multi-platinum songwriter having co-written “Do Ya Think I’m Sexy,” “Young Turks” and other monster hits. Carmine came up in the late 60’s when rock music was being pioneered by him and his peers Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, and The Who.

As an author, Carmine’s book “Stick it” was the basis of many of the lessons he shares on stage. As an educator Carmine was the first to legitimize rock drumming with his landmark book “Realistic Rock” - an award winning and best-selling instructional book for 30 years. With a long career full of achievements, Carmine is universally respected and revered for his technique, creativity, showmanship and business sense.


Carmine Appice shares lessons he’s learned for the business community. Told through a series of stories and experiences, Carmine’s highly interactive approach to sharing successes and lessons learned is refreshing for a business audience.

“Carmine is among those untouchable few who, by defining the genre at the beginning, enabled rock music to be what it is today” - Brian May, Queen.

“The creator of heavy rock drumming as we know it” - Drummer Magazine UK

“Appice is a legend, an icon and a creator of the highest order” - Rolling Stone
An educational, interactive, multi-media Presentation
sharing some of life’s and businesses biggest lessons…

1. Character - Carmine speaks of the role of character as a formula for business success.

2. Facts, Information and Knowledge - conveying that there is no substitute for discipline and hard work, Carmine shares his thoughts on the power of facts, information and knowledge.

3. Taking the moment and running with it - Opportunities are never lost, they are simply picked up by other people. Carmine shares how he applied this lesson to his collaboration with Rod Stewart which created one of the most successful songs in the music business.

4. Aha Moments/ Persistance removes Resistance - This lesson explains the unstoppable combination of grabbing the moment, plus purposeful persistance.

5. Vision and Focus - For Carmine it wasn’t just what he knew, it was conjuring a vision that was more exciting than what was going on, plus his non-stop focus on what was possible

6. Hanging out with the Best - Surrounding yourself with the best talent was always at the forefront of Carmine’s career. This lesson helps to inspire anyone going from good to great.

7. If you want to know more, you need to notice more - Paying attention to details, and noticing more about the work we’re doing is a success strategy that works everytime.

8. What having fun really means - Staying with the FUNdamentals - while playing music was always meant to be fun, Carmine’s message of sticking to the FUNdamentals adds to anyone’s future success.